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Despite being ONLINE for a few weeks, this site has not moved, but now it has and it's getting bigger and bigger as we speak! I finally got my hands on crystal clear UNEDITED eps of Blind Faith, When In Rome, A Good Day and Endgame. Not to mention the Young Hercules episode, Winner Takes All. I will be making sounds later on today and the movies will be posted very soon! I went a bit nuts last week and ripped the video card outta my computer and broke it, so I gotta dish out another $400 for a new one! I just got back from buying a new video card and it works like a charm. So, the videos will be loaded up soon, so check back in a day or two! Grrrr! Find below some GREAT montages and images made by myself and fellow Jeremites. If you happen to have ANYTHING Jeremy on video, please contact me here pompey_the_magnus@hotmail.com

For a full list of the JC images I currently have to download - Click HERE

This site is VERY new and will be under contruction for the next few weeks. So please be patient!

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